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It has been a while and now i wish to give a  short progress report on what has happen over the last 2 years. Next year we hope to have our full team back and head to Quennsland in June 2022.

Please look at this video so all Australians can under stand how the Indigenoius people need help and wish to be called all Australians

The mission for June 2020 has now been postponed until June 2021. We are now going to the Ali-Curung  Conference on the 2,3 and 4 July then back to the Kimberley July and August to upgrade 60 odd systems from Digital to the new HDMI. It has been 2 years and we are hoping for more testimonies oh how it has helped them and the community.

It is regret that I am now leaving Chariots of Fire Ministries and I thank Wayne Anderson for all his help and support over the last 8 years. also to the many business and people that have help with funding and equipment to make this great ministry.

But God has called me to a new ministry and it is called Restoring Hope Ministry. I pray that this new ministry will be just as good as COFM. I know that this is a calling from God and Many thanks to all who know me. God Bless you all

Many Thanks Brian Sonneman

Please look at this Video Clip called

Undermined Tales from the Kimberley


This is very sad and disturbing to me when I here about 13 Suicides in the Kimberley. We have proof that installing Vision Radio and God TV into remote Indigenous Communities has helped stop suicides in some of the Communities that we have already installed Systems and just one like Mulan. God TV was installed back in 2013 and we have been back twice, and we have heard of no Suicides in this Community since Vision Radio and God TV was installed and that has now been 6 years.

We can’t get funding from the Government due to a pending Election coming up. they need our help now. We are planning to go back in June this year but need funding for travel and Accommodation.


We have now planed a mission back to the Kimberley for June 2022 and need your help to Save

Saving Lives across Australia see our new Go Fund Me  Page

New Video from our mission back in May 2017, from David Jack

The Chariots are back safely from “Saving Australian Lives”

Bank Details for COFM W.A. Inc

Bank West
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A/C No  0840001

The COFM crew (Wayne, Brian, Brayden, Chris, Jack and Dan) had a successful trip visiting 20 communities in some very remote parts of the Kimberley region of WA. Thanks to all our sponsors we have installed Christian media that will continue to bring healthy and uplifting messages into homes. Enjoy the latest Trip Report for more info.


Did you catch Brian’s short video he took of the installation mission? See some fantastic scenery. Check it out here: And we’re back…

see more on


baptism swim beach and MULAN 280

“We baptise 12 people, then we added further 20 people

Mulan Community

We are please to get support from the Geraldton Turf Club with a donation . many Thanks to Dave Reensted Manager of the Club