Planed Mission for July 2022

This year around July we will go to the top end of Queensland, and we are believing that we will have the Truck with kitchen and camping trailer donated for the mission and have most of our team back from 2019 joining us again. Rod Baker will be our driver, chef, Chaplain and good friend. We will have Tony senior Satellite installer and Craig Tonys friend, myself, Helper Steve, Greg and Sue working with children and families, Matt and his wife from Church. Then the people that Rod gets to help him, maybe Ken and John again, Camera man David Jack, and maybe Wayne Knapman to join us at some stage in the Mission.

We hope to have all our plans in at the end of May and a map of out route so people that help with funding and support can follow us and we will also have updates on our home page, Facebook and Vision Radio.

I would also like to thank Vision Radio for partnering with us over the last 10 years and look forward to many more. While traveling on the mission if we come across Vision Radio stations, we make time to check if they are working ok and if need be, we can repair and get them back online.

We have now have a mission to the Conference next to Ali-Curung at Paul’s Farm, this is held on the 2 to the 4 of July and we are looking forward to this as it will be our first time and we are believing that a revival will start from this Conference.

Then we head back to the Kimberley to go over the communities that we visited back in 2019, this will enable us to upgrade their receivers and here their Testimonies

Pease watch this short Video on our Last mission in 2019

Above is our New Truck as the Unimog has now been changed to an Isuzu and the kitchen has been added to the new truck, we will still have the trailer that sleeps 8 people.


Many thanks to Ian Livingston for suppling it to us for the Mission to NT, Kimberley and Queensland in April, May and June  in 2021.

Mission Trip to the top end of Australia starts in April and ends in June due to the corona virus

Restoring Hope Ministry will travel to the top end of Queensland for the first time with our new Truck and will have the use of the truck and some of team that was in the Kimberley, with a further 3 people. We will have a new  technician and people to help talk about the Gospel and how this media will help them have a better life and more to work with in remote Aboriginal Communities. We will be joined in the NT and Queensland with Spot Fire Ministries. We hope to be starting in April and finishing in June. We will have our first Zoom meeting on Thursday the 4th at 6 PM W.A. time, both teams will get to meet each other for the first time. God Bless. 

Back to the top end of Australia to Save Australian Lives

We now have a Unidan Truck supplied by Ian Livingstone and this has been donated to us for the month of April, May and June, supplied with fuel and food that we need for the mission , Many Thanks. Rod Baker and his 3 members will be with us on the Journey, they will be working with our 8 and we will be called the A team and Gods Team.

Our 10 people on this mission will be
Brian Sonneman Coordinator and  Satellite Tech
Greg and Sue Gannon
David Jack Cameraman for God TV, and RHM
Tony Kish Senior Satellite Tech
Peter from Install Life
Rod Baker and his 2 new men are
Ken Frazer
John Betterridge

Spot Fire Ministries will have a further 10 people joining us in the NT and Queensland.

We are very pleased to have a new Satellite installer joining us on the mission in this year. I have known Tony since 2009 as we installed, the Tower system that  helped remote Indigenous  communities for a phone service over the Satellite system. Photo below with his partner Delia. Tony has travelled more in the Kimberley. Northern Territory and Queensland than i have. We welcome Tony on board.


Other Sponsors with Restoring Hope Ministry are

This is a map showing most communities in the Kimberley and after this mission June 2019, we would have just about visited all Communities

We are looking for More Sponsors and Partners and if you find it in your heart to help save lives then please contact COFM. Many Thanks.

This map is showing  dates for further mission to the top end of Australia, where we know off 300 Remote Indigenous Communities.